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Are you feeling out of control or overwhelmed by situations in your life?  Do you ask questions looking for answers, only to find more questions?

If this sounds like you, then we can help you find answers to those questions.  Answers that will help you move forward with your life.  Answers that will help you experience positive growth and change.

Chrysalis Family Counseling Center is a Marriage and Family Counseling agency that provides therapy and counseling services to individuals, couples, and families in the Inland Empire.  Our competent, caring professional staff works extensively with clients of all ages to provide counseling to work through life's challenges, promote healthy relationships, and encourage emotional management and healing.  We specialize in all kinds of adult, child, and adolescent/teen issues, with an emphasis on victims of trauma, abuse, and crimes, troubled and problem children and teens, family and relationship issues, sex addiction, and military personnel and their families, as well as veterans.



We, at Chrysalis Family Counseling Center, are shocked and saddened by the mass shooting that occured last Sunday night at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas. We extend our heartfelt condolences to all those who lost loved ones and our most sincere sympathies and best wishes to those who were injured and their families and to those who were in attendance and witnessed the horror and carnage of this tragic event.

We want everyone to know that we can provide counseling services to anyone who feels that they could use some help and support during this difficult time. We accept most major insurances and have appointments available Tuesday through Friday from noon to 7:00 PM. Please call our office at (951) 782-9616.

We would also like to make California residents aware of the assistance that is available to them through both the California and Nevada Victim Compensation Programs. Help is available for survivors of those who were killed and to anyone who was injured and those in attendance at the concert, as well as their immediate family members. CalVCB can help pay for funeral and burial expenses, medical bills, mental health treatment, income and support loss, and more. They are available to help victims and their families apply to both the California Victim Compensation Program and the Nevada Victim Compensation Program, in order to maximize the benefits available in each state.

Survivors and family members are encouraged to apply now, regardless of whether or not expenses have been incurred. CalVCB is coordinating closely with Nevada, and both agencies have agreed to accept each other's applications. A special application for victims of the Las Vegas attack, which has Nevada's signature page as well as California's, is available at www.vcgcb.ca.gov/victims, or you can contact them at 1 (800) 777-9229. No crime report is needed with these applications; they will just require a description of what happened to the appliant, or their family member, that night, as well as a description of injuries, if applicable. A special fax line has also been set up to receive applications related to the Las Vegas incident, (833) 225-8220. You can also feel free to contact our office, and we can provide help and guidance in getting the assistance you need.

Why Chrysalis?

A chrysalis is the protective covering that a caterpillar spins around itself in the pupa stage, just prior to becoming a butterfly.  The chrysalis absorbs nutrients in order to grow the wings and prepare them for flight.

During this sheltered stage of growth and development, metamorphosis is at work, transforming the caterpillar from a worm-like insect into a beautiful, unique butterfly.  When the time is right, the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis into light and freedom - ready to fly and explore life from a renewed perspective.

In a safe and caring atmosphere of hope, the counselors at Chrysalis Family Counseling Center can help you remove mental and emotional obstacles and, like the butterfly, experience positive growth and change in your life.  We can help you find a transfomation to greater freedom and a fuller realization of your potential.
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