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About Us

Chrysalis Family Counseling Center, with its highly-qualified, caring staff of therapists who integrate proven therapeutic skills with innovative programs, is dedicated to one major goal - helping troubled youth, adults, and families find strength in themselves in order to increase their sense of well-being, help them better manage the discomfort or distress that can occur when facing life's challenges, and, ultimately, lead fuller, happier, more productive lives.

We contend that most people enter into a counseling relationship because of circumstances surrounding some immediate crisis.  It is not the weakness of the individual, but the events and circumstances surrounding his or her life that prompt the need for some professional intervention.

The staff at Chrysalis Family Counseling Center is devoted to the philosophy that "We exist for the client".  Our therapists are here to listen and partner with people to offer hope and encouragement in a comfortable, caring, supportive environment.  The clinical staff understands that, for most mental disorders, there is generally not just one effective treatment, but a range of treatments of proven efficacy, and, therefore, treatment plans need to be tailored to the client and client preferences.

Chrysalis Family Counseling Center often relies on a brief family systems therapy approach to treat the entire family, not just the troubled individual;  however, we also take an ecclectic approach to therapy, incorporating techniques and interventions from solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral, and psychodynamic models, as well as several others.  We attempt to reunite and maintain the natural family structure and support group, with an emphasis on returning the individual to a healthy family and community life.  The goal is to promote optimal functioning in work, school, and personal spheres.

We also have a firm belief that, when working with a child or teen to teach them new skills to improve behaviors, active parent involvement and education is required so that the problems can be dealth with at a family level.  You cannot expect change in a child's patterns/behaviors unless you address the patterns/behaviors of the family or household.

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